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The YoYo™ Leg Curl is a “classic” in the YoYo™ product family. The YoYo™ Leg Curl allows for either the uni-or bilateral open chain knee flexion.

Using smart, safe and simple solutions, range of motion (ROM) is adjusted to accomodate for full ROM or “partial reps”. Unlike any other exercise solution known, the Leg Curl targets all muscles of the hamstring complex and more so than other methods, as unique research examining FC Barcelona players has shown*.

Like any other nHANCE™ driven by YoYo device, this tool produces eccentric overload, proprioception, stretch shortening and unique neuromuscular stimulation, unheard of before. That’s why this muscle machine has been used for decades by all great professional soccer clubs around the world. It remains the best choice for football-and rugby players and track and many others athletes to help maximize strength, power and speed while serving to prevent injury.

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